Blog Tour & Review – The Anxiety Diaries by Dana Muwwakkil

      The Anxiety Diaries by Dana Muwwakkil Publish Date October 6, 2020     About The Anxiety Diaries What will everybody think? When I started this experiment at the beginning of 2019, to write every day, I simply thought I would be recording the mundane life of a mother, wife and struggling writer.Continue reading “Blog Tour & Review – The Anxiety Diaries by Dana Muwwakkil”

Blog Tour – The Best People by Marc Grossberg

    The Best People by Marc Grossberg, his debut novel that was released in October 2019 and another amazing book being brought to you by Suzy Approved Book Tours.         “Think a super-sized, red-haired My Cousin Vinny meets The Bonfire of the Vanities in Houston, where you can’t always tell whoContinue reading “Blog Tour – The Best People by Marc Grossberg”

Book Tour – Know Me by Jane Desfosse’

      About the Book Filled with magical realism, twists, and turns, this suspenseful romance will keep you on your toes!   Seventeen-year-old Adelaide has been having strange dreams of a guy who appears to her surrounded in a glow of light. Her brother tells her she keeps dreaming of this guy to make upContinue reading “Book Tour – Know Me by Jane Desfosse’”

Book Tour – How Sweet the Bitter Soup by Lori Qian

  About the Book A story of a woman’s love for the culture she would marry into … Her mom was working as a maid. Her dad’s Alzheimer’s was in high gear. And the rent on her parents’ small Chicago apartment had just gone up. Again. But Lori was holding it all together: helping care forContinue reading “Book Tour – How Sweet the Bitter Soup by Lori Qian”

Blog Tour – The Daughter In Law by Nina Manning

  Happy Birthday to Bolwood Books and their very first Blog Tour!   I am so honored to her a part of this amazing event and on top of it I get to bring to you the AMAZING psychological thriller The Daughter In Law a debut novel by Nina Manning.   Let me tell youContinue reading “Blog Tour – The Daughter In Law by Nina Manning”