Book Review – Why I Held Your Hand by Augusta Reilly



About Why I Held Your Hand 

• Digital: 192 pages
• Publisher:
Rhapsodic Press (October 23, 2020)

Laura Delaney loves her small mountain hometown of North Powell with its quaint charm, stately Victorian homes and surrounding hiking trails. Unfortunately, when it comes to attracting travel dollars, it can no longer compete with the flashy hot springs and ski slopes of nearby competitors.

That’s why she hires a hotshot marketing team to figure out how to inject the old magic back into North Powell’s sagging tourist trade. What she doesn’t expect is for the team to include David Harper. Smart, funny, handsome, and amazing in bed, he’s the perfect man. All she needs to do now is keep their relationship under wraps until the project is over.

But that’s easier said than done when she’s assigned to work with Spence Markham, the company’s offbeat “idea man” and David’s professional nemesis. When Spence suggests hosting a Dickens Festival to revitalize the town’s once-booming holiday season, Laura is thrilled. She’s even more thrilled when Spence falls in love with Powell House, the dilapidated Victorian that Laura hopes to renovate and turn into a town museum. But is Spence falling in love with her as well?

As the Festival nears, Laura’s feelings for both men intensify. Her relationship with David has only gotten better—and hotter—and yet she finds herself counting down the days until she can see Spence again.

Soon, what started as a simple assignment becomes a tale of two possible futures. But which one will Laura choose?



My Thoughts 

Why I Held Your Hand is a delightful romcom with a complicated love triangle that I just adored. I mean, what’s better than a love triangle? Maybe a love triangle with 2 men that are adversaries? Well guess what, we’ve got that right here too! I think a love triangle with 2 hot adversarial men, a small tourist town with a quaint vibe, some real charming townspeople, and a woman who is stuck in the middle of it all makes for a sweet story, and Augusta Reilly nailed it with this one.

A quick read, you will find yourself engrossed in this book from the start, and if you like some steam in your romances, you are in the right place. Reilly writes quite authentically about what it’s like to be a single girl on the dating scene, and the price you pay for dating more than one person at a time. Go figure our protagonist would actually LIKE both of these guys and have to make a decision. (It’s hard enough to find just ONE good guy anymore, let alone 2….Lucky Laura)! I really enjoyed this romcom and was quite satisfied in the end, its a fun and stimulating read.   I think you will enjoy it too.
I will definitely look for more of Augusta Reilly’s work in the future.

Thank you to @augustareillyb, Rhapsodic Press, @netgalley and @getredpr for my gifted copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion for review.



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About Augusta Reilly

Augusta Reilly has been writing for women’s magazines and literary publications for two decades. In her earlier years, she was a prolifically (if not proudly) published pulp fiction author whose anonymous literary masterpieces included I Had The New Year’s Baby With Santa!Prom Night in the County Morgue!My Husband’s Sperm Were Kidnapped and Held For Ransom!My Son the Pimp!, and countless other titles, all of which ended in an exclamation point.

In alternate incarnations she has been a stand-up comic, a translator, a theology student, and an accountant. She is a graduate of McGill University and lives in beautiful Douglas County, Colorado with her husband, three cats, and way too many kids

To keep up with Augusta, please head to her website  at 
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