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About the Book

Filled with magical realism, twists, and turns, this suspenseful romance will keep you on your toes! 

 Seventeen-year-old Adelaide has been having strange dreams of a guy who appears to her surrounded in a glow of light. Her brother tells her she keeps dreaming of this guy to make up for the truth of her own bleak reality…not having a boyfriend.  

 Adelaide truly wants to find someone to fall in love with, but she just hasn’t had much luck in that department. When she gets into a hiking accident that leaves her with a permanent scar, she’s not so sure she ever will. 

 One day at school while putting her books in her locker, she comes face to face with the actual guy from her dreams! He’s in the flesh! But much to Adelaide’s dismay, he doesn’t seem to have a clue that he’s been making appearances in her dreams.  

Stravos is new to the school…gorgeous, and mysterious. Every single girl is swooning over him. Yet, eventually it becomes quite clear that Adelaide is the one he notices, and she’s just as interested in him! 






I love romance.  I’m a sucker for it, anyone who follows me knows that.  Romcoms, sappy holiday stories, and yes, all those coming of age teen movies we had back in the 80’s (yeah, way back when I was growing up, now that was the good stuff).  So when the opportunity to read Jane Desfosse’s debut novel Know Me arose, I was a bit nostalgic for some high school romance.

You have to know that although I occasionally read the YA genre, I don’t submerse myself in it, and there are a lot of themes that I don’t really read on a regular basis.  One of them being magical realism.  (Yes, I read Twilight, yes I adore Harry Potter, so I’m not exactly dumb to the subject).  So going into this was a little different for me because I had to keep my mind in a place like ‘ok Gina, this is not real life,’ in order to critique it properly, because you know, I have to get literal about everything!   (Its the ICU nurse in me, can’t help it, just don’t watch medical shows with me and you will be ok).

So with all that being said, I have to tell you that this book wasn’t bad!!  I read it in the mindset of spending the day with all the teenage girls in my neighborhood back home when I visit my mom.  (The neighborhood is crawling with teen girls and when I come to town to visit, its always a gab-fest in my yard or front porch with all of them!  I look forward to it all the time, plus its nice to know they still think I’m a kid, which I hardly am).   Adelaide is a sweet character who just reminds me so much of myself when I was young, and you really find her likable and relatable.  The story is more than a romance, of course because it goes off on to some magical realism and some paranormal activity, which is where you have to bear in mind that this is fiction and remind yourself that this is why shows like “Charmed” and “Supernatural” did so well.  The touch of “dark magic” certainly makes it unique.

For someone like me, the storyline is like anything out of everyday life, realistic, normal, just like an average day.  The characters and their surroundings come to life and you are submerged in the environment as if you are there.  So if you can take a book with good bones, the romance you usually love, and then “go outside of your box” just a little bit and throw in some paranormal and magical stuff just for fun, and then like it……well this one is for you.  I can see the girls in the neighborhood loving this book.  It is so right up their alley.  This is all the stuff they talk about, watch on tv, and gossip about constantly.   I finished this with a smile on my face.

In the end,  I’m still not a fantasy person, its just not my genre, but that’s just me.   I liked the book, don’t get me wrong, I highly recommend it if this is your thing, you’ll love it!!  It was perfect for the YA magical realism scene, but I’m sorry Jane, as great as this was you didn’t convert me…..not YET!  (Don’t take it personal, nobody has)  Keep writing them and I’ll keep reviewing.  I bet if you throw in some ICU/ medical drama in the next one you will have me hook, line and sinker!!  (Oh, now isn’t that an idea, YA romance with magical realism, paranormal and a serious medical/ICU twist).  I may not be converted but that doesn’t mean I won’t read YA/fantasy again. It also doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate this book for what it was, an awesome debut by a new author.  I do think Jane’s counseling career gives her some insight on what these kids really like, she is very in touch with them.  I truly appreciate this genre, and I understand why it is so well loved.  This is one I would definitely recommend.  For me, I have to give it 3 1/2 stars.  Great job!  I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

Thank you to Jane Desfosse’ and Kate Rock Book Tours for my copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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About the Author


When not writing, she   works as a school counselor, but spends most of her summer days at the beach  because there’s no better place to be.   

One of her favorite activities during the winter months is planning her yearly family trip to Disney World.  

She must have lived a past life as a Brit because her search  for  tea  houses,  plates of tiny sandwiches, and scones has become an obsession everywhere she goes!    

She lives in New Jersey with her husband and young son.  




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