Book Tour – How Sweet the Bitter Soup by Lori Qian


About the Book

A story of a woman’s love for the culture she would marry into …

Her mom was working as a maid. Her dad’s Alzheimer’s was in high gear. And the rent on her parents’ small Chicago apartment had just gone up. Again. But Lori was holding it all together: helping care for her dad and pay her family’s bills, figuring out how to navigate graduate school and four jobs on top of her family responsibilities, and, somehow, continuing to believe that there was more to life than this.

And there was. An exciting job teaching at a prestigious school in China. Although the previous month, she had turned down a job offer in Iowa—thinking it was too far away from her family—she felt completely at ease accepting the job in China. Grasping on to the fierce determination she’d had since childhood, Lori found herself in Guangzhou, China, where she fell in love with the culture and with a man from a tiny town in Hubei province. What followed was a transformative adventure—one that will inspire readers to use the bitter to make life even sweeter.





Memoirs are always tough to review, I mean, here you are reading about someone’s life that they decide to share with you, and now you are about to critique it.  Yeah, nope.  There’s really no review here.  Just some thoughts.

Not only is picking up and moving to another country to live and work completely terrifying, Lori decided to make sure that the trip was going to be memorable.  See, Lori also decided to fall in love and get married while there, becoming the ninth American/Chinese couple to get married in Hubei Provence.  No big deal right?   Yeah, except it’s NOT that easy, just ask their government.   (Read the book…..honestly).

With all the cultural differences and challenges, obstacles and barriers, Lori writes in a way that is inspiring and respectful.  You fall in love with her, the country, and you see what it is that makes her so inspiring. This memoir reads like a story you won’t want to put down, it is funny, sad, heartwarming and empowering.   I am not usually one for memoirs, but this didn’t feel like a “memoir” it felt like a really important story that needed to be told.  It felt like something we all needed to know about.  It’s about life, and love and family and resistance, and acceptance.   My best advice to you is to just read it. Its worth it, there’s just not much more to say.  Bravo Lori.

Thank you to Lori Qian, Kate Rock Book Tours, and She Writes Press for my copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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About the Author

Lori Qian holds a BA in anthropology and philosophy and an MA in applied linguistics, and has advanced graduate training in school leadership, literacy instruction, and elementary education. She is a regular contributor to Urban Family Magazine in Guangzhou, China, and enjoys presenting around the world on topics ranging from cultivating creativity to pedagogical approaches to writing. She is passionate about education, multiculturalism, and self-improvement. After living in China for ten years, she recently relocated to Alpine, Utah, with her family, ready to embrace an entirely new adventure. Qian is currently working on her second book, Fighting for Fitness, a self-help memoir of her own health transformation.



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