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Recently I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a lawyer/author who writes one of my favorite genres…..romcoms!

As most of you have found out, this genre has been one of my guilty pleasures for a long time.  Sure I love literary fiction, historical fiction or give me a classic any day, I’m a thinking type of person.  But if you handed me all three of those choices with a romcom in the stack, hands down that romcom is the first one I will pick.

Neva Bell had reached out to me to tell me about her newest book she had just recently published called “The Sleeping Arrangement” and with my love of this genre, she was hoping I would be interested in taking a look.  HA!  As If I’m passing THAT up!  Not only did I take her up on it, but I did her one better and grabbed a copy of her first publication “Love and Omissions” so that I could check it out and show it to you guys too.  I mean, DUH….. read the paragraph above….. I love romcoms…. I think thats what Neva was hoping for.

Let me tell you about each of the books.






The Books


Love and Omissions

published February 13, 2018
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

She’s the one who got away. He’s the one she can’t forget. When the loss of a loved one brings about unusual circumstances, Kate and Matt are forced to not only face each other, but also their past. Can these exes survive two weeks together? They’re about to find out…


The Sleeping Arrangement

published August 8, 2019
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

He wants a championship.She wants to pay the bills. Will their agreement solve both of their problems?Julie has dealt with her fair share of rough patches. A full-time waitress and law school student, she worries every day about making ends meet. But a chance encounter is about to turn her entire life around.





A Little Praise

Love and Omissions
Currently has a 5 star rating on Amazon!


Loved reading this book! Makes you think about the huge impact your choices can have on your entire life.   –  T.S

This book was a great find–good plot and interesting characters. I’m looking forward to reading more from Ms. Bell! – Jan

A Brilliant Love Story that captured my Heart! – A.L

Loved it! I’m definitely going to be reading more of Neva Bell’s books. – J.S.

Great Characters and Storyline.  – T.S.


The Sleeping Arrangement
Also currently has a 5 star rating on Amazon!


Got me hooked and kept me reeled in the whole time. Was sad I finished it so fast. It was funny and light hearted and romantic. One of my favorite for sure. – L.T.


Wow, what a great book! Read the whole book in two sittings. Didn’t want to put it down. Excellent story line, good twist on story. – Bob


This is the second book of Neva’s that I have read and I loved it just as much of the first. Really creative storyline that hooked me from the start. Can’t wait for another one from her! – T. S.






About the Author

Neva Rae Bell Author photo

Neva Bell is a lawyer from the United States who likes to spend her free time writing poetry and novels. Her stories often revolve around strong women and include a little bit of comedy, romance and drama rolled into one. When she’s not hiding behind a computer, she enjoys working out, attempting and failing at art projects, and spending time with her family and friends.





Author Social Media/Contact




Where to Purchase


Both of these books are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

I will put the direct links below.  If you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Member, both titles can be read for free with membership.



Love and Omissions



Barnes & Noble





The Sleeping Arrangement



Barnes & Noble





I know trying new things can sometimes be scary, I used to be that way too, but one thing that I never regret is trying a new author.  As of lately, from doing book tours,  I have had the opportunity to read so many books that I probably never would have picked up because I didn’t know the author.  Starting to work with PR firms and trying new authors was WAY out of my comfort zone, but I gave it a try.

HOLY MOLEY!! I am so glad I did.  It was the best decision I have ever made and this year alone I have read more books from independent authors and unknown authors than in the rest of my years combined!  Thats why when Neva reached out to me I was all for it.  I know the value of a good book, and I know how important it is to give someone a chance.  My blog is filled with newcomers, and I am proud of that.  I hope you will give Neva a chance as well.   I know I have some romcom lovers out there…… go on, get your copies….. I won’t tell anyone…….



Happy Reading!





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