Down the WRONG rabbit hole ~ a bookstagrammers demise

Yesterday we had an incident in one of our groups where one of our newer bookstagram friends was “called out” for stealing another bookstagrammers photo and utilizing it for herself as one of her own posts.


As we sat in the chat and watched the story unfold “real time” right in front of our eyes we found out that our friend had been called out previously for doing this exact same thing several times before with other ‘grammers photos. The “friend” was being told that she was being reported and that the photos needed removed immediately.


Within a very short period we watched what ended up being the end of a fellow bookstagrammers account as it was disabled/removed by instagram right before our very eyes. All of this over sheer laziness and the total lack of respect for fellow bookstagrammers, people you were calling friends.


What happened was heartbreaking, sad, and a little hard to sit and watch. Suddenly this “friend” was gone, vanished, extinguished from our lives. Just like that.


What we do here, the sharing of our stories and our pictures is supposed to be fun. It’s an outlet. We read books, we take photos, we use props and mementos around us that have sentimental value or important meaning in our lives.


For someone to have so much disrespect for the hard work and love that went into each and every photo, cuts straight to the core.


We come here for friendship, for fun, to meet people, chat about books, laugh and do silly things, cry and vent about our crappy days, make buddies. It’s not about followers or numbers, or who gets the best books. It’s about having a connection with people who like and love the same things you like and love.


My heart hurts after watching that happen right before my eyes.


Let’s be good to one another, please.


Thank You for permission to use your photo of June and edit/superimpose the Book Thief @knopfteen onto your kindle to show how easy it is to copy, edit and use anyones photos.





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Serious book loving critical care RN dealing with RA, being married to a surgeon, my 2 crazy dogs, an obsession with crafting, and a mad desire to swing golf clubs (although quite poorly).

2 thoughts on “Down the WRONG rabbit hole ~ a bookstagrammers demise

    1. I know. It was hard. It was like sitting and watching an accident. You are shocked but can’t take your eyes away. All the hard work we do, Heartbreaking.


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