Layover by David Bell

Published:  July 2, 2019 by Berkley 

Dates Read:  June 29 – 30, 2019  

Genre/Category:  Psychological Thriller, Murder Thriller, Suspense    

Read For: ARC from Edelweiss/Berkley 


4 stars 

 Just total chaos and craziness.  Oh David Bell, you frustrate me so much, yet you still get 4 stars. 

Joshua Fields, real estate, lives in hotels and on airplanes.  Takes the same flights weekly for work, same Xanax for the flights.  On a typical routine layover, he meets Morgan, a beautiful mysterious woman who he is drawn to immediately.  When Morgan passionately kisses Joshua to depart on her flight and regrets she will never see him again, Joshua decides to make a change in his mundane life and follow her.   

As Joshua attempts to approach Morgan on her flight he is immediately spurned, and told he has the wrong person.  Confused and angry, after disembarking the plane he sees Morgan on tv and social media and realizes she is a missing person.  He attempts to alert the authorities to his encounter, but without much guidance from the airport police, he is left to his own devices.  But this is not the last Joshua is to hear from Morgan.   

What comes next is an insane and chaotic journey of secrets, lies, running, and hiding that confuses even the best of sleuths.   

First of all, this Joshua Fields dude is an idiot.  I hate him.  Who in the world would go off not just once, but multiple times chasing that damn girl?  He deserves to be dead.  I mean chopped up in little pieces and put in a trash bag and then later shown on an episode of Dateline, kind of dead.   

Which of course is EXACTLY why stupid people like him go off and follow these women, situations like this actually really happen, news shows do stories about these mindless fools, and people like David Bell can write fictional psychological thrillers.  Thus, making this book and insane plot totally believable and worth the 4 stars I’m giving it just over my complete frustration.  UGH.  Rant over.  

So back to my initial statement.  David Bell you frustrate me.  Why?  Because you wrote a book about a total unbelievable idiot in an unrealistic situation and was able to make it work, and I’m jealous over it.  Nobody said I had to love the characters to still like the book.   

Thank you to David Bell, Berkley Publishing and Edelweiss for the ARC of this novel for an honest and unbiased review.   

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