Miracle Creek by Angie Kim

Published:  April 16, 2019 by Sarah Crichton Books 

Dates Read:  April 13 – 14 2019 

Genre/Category:  General Fiction/Literary Fiction 

Read For:  NetGalley ARC 





Big Little Lies meets the courtroom thriller mystery in Angie Kim’s debut novel Miracle Creek.  DO NOT pass this one up.  Easily earns 5 stars.   

Miracle Creek, a town in rural VirginiaYoung and Pak Yoo, immigrants from Korea who live in Miracle Creek and run a privately owned medical device, a chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treating off label/experimental conditions that hospitals won’t.  An explosion.   2 deaths.   A murder investigation.    A courtroom drama.   The case against the alleged culprit unfolds and is not as cut and dry as it appears.   

The lives of 5 families intertwine in this story about love, family, immigration, the human nature of parenting disabled children, and the lengths people will go for their families.   

I’ve been struggling to review this book because I’ve not been sure what to say.  There’s not much to put in a review about a book that is beyond exceptional and extremely well written.  Except, well, just exactly that…… Miracle Creek is beyond exceptional and extremely well written.  Mind Blown!!!  One of my first thoughts when finishing was how well thought out and detailed this novel is.  The insight into the emotions of each character, the human nature of what it feels like to parent a disabled child, the pain and struggles of amputation/disfigurement, the despondency of immigration, the despair of being alone, the description of such human characteristics is off the charts.  The character development in itself is remarkable, which is extremely important in this book considering each persons life struggles plays a major role in how the story plays out.   I need to make sure to mention the brilliantly written courtroom scenes, because they are like the icing on the cake to a book that already was pretty darn sweet.   

 When you read a novel of this magnitude, the ending becomes challenging.  You wonder to yourself well before you get there if it is going to be fulfilling, how is the author going to pull this all together, am I going to walk away from this feeling satisfied, will all my needs be met?  I don’t know how Angie Kim was able to execute such an achievement, but she was able to masterfully create an ending that gave the reader everything they wanted.  It closed every door.  Now, whether or not you agreed with how it ended, is another story.  I personally had to think long and hard about it, it stuck with me, I questioned myself, I asked myself what would I do?  And then I agreed with Ms. Kim.    It’s amazing to think about the unintended consequences of the decisions we make.   

I highly recommend this book.  It deserves more than 5 stars.  When I read a debut like thisI always wonder to myself what the author is going to do next.  How do you outdo something so brilliant?  If Ms. Kim continues to write the way she did with Miracle Creek, she should have no problem at all. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Crown Publishing for an ARC of this novel for my unbiased and honest review. 

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