Book Review: I’m Fine and Neither are You


I’m Fine and Neither Are You  
by:  Camille Pagan

Published:  April 1, 2019 by Lake Union Publishing
Genre/Category:  Literary Fiction
Dates Read:  March 22 – 24, 2019
Read For:  March Amazon First Read Pick


Stars 3

Initially I feel like I was duped.  The synopsis about this book led me to believe it was a bit more Chic Lit and lighthearted than it was, but it didn’t start out that way.  In the beginning I couldn’t put it down, I felt like I was about to read an amazing story about a horribly relevant topic.   Yeah, no.   My bad.   As usual, enter Chic Lit.

So yeah, this book starts out pretty heavy, and lets be honest, it tackles a pretty relevant addiction issue, but then, that’s it.  Once its out there, the book takes a turn and you start to see the fallout of said addiction.   I have to be honest, I really saw a climax here and would have liked more of a story (or even a backstory) about Jenny, but it didn’t happen. I think more about that topic needed to be expanded upon in detail.  Instead it just kind of stopped, and I just wanted so much more.  The story then turns to Jenny’s best friend Penny, what “truths” she didn’t know about Jenny, and how  “telling the truth” now comes into play in all aspects of her life.

This is where the book totally became very Chic-Lit for me throughout the second half, and I felt it lost the importance of the addiction problem and why we even got to Penny’s story in the first place.  Yeah, truth in a relationship is important, but to start out with such an amazing first few chapters…….and then MEH.  Part of me feels bad because the second half of the story wasn’t bad, it probably could have stood alone without the lead in about Jenny.  I think it would have been a much better novel that way, because it had some very valid issues in regards to honesty in a marriage.  I had a love-hate relationship with Penny, there were times I related to every emotion and feeling she had, and other times I just wanted to up and smack her. (But I wouldn’t, because hitting is WRONG).
In the end, for me this was one of those stories that I closed the book saying “ yeah, that was cute, but not all of these stories end that way.”  And although you are glad to not walk away from a book frustrated, you know you are going to walk away completely forgetting it.


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